Headquartered in Toronto, Xilica has been a prominent name in the development of class-leading configurable DSP systems since it was founded in 2002. Having garnered experience in various areas of pro-audio, including loudspeaker development, Xilica’s founders were convinced that optimized, high-end audio processors would be essential to realizing the potential of the next-generation of audio systems for both live and install.


Reflecting Xilica’s enduring passion for digital audio, Neutrino comprises a DCHP-enabled processor series available in four primary I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line, 48V phantom power selection per input, and premium grade mic pre-amps.


As the app-based version of Neutrino, Uno reduces the need for programming skill and DSP design time by basing itself around a portfolio of pre-configured DSP apps. This ease of implementation has made the range a popular choice for a variety of fixed audio installation environments and project budgets.


Xilica offers a wealth of control options for its Neutrino and Uno Series processors. These run the gamut from dedicated iOS apps and Android device software to third-party control devices. But Xilica also offers a number of dedicated remote controls, the NeuPanel Series, that are DHCP-enabled network devices and POE-powered.