AUDAC specializes in industrial and professional sound solutions including amplifiers, speakers, microphones and much more.

The Belgian brand, founded in 1992, is well-known for its groundbreaking innovations. Nowadays, this philosophy of launching inspiring products on the professional audio market still stands firm.

Matrix systems

The multi-zone audio distribution systems offer a truly polyvalent solution for commercial and residential applications, with the flexibility of a multi-zone router. They deliver a comprehensive and expandable powerful solution for nearly every situation. With their large number of extension modules and configuration modes, they provide a solution for an uncountable amount of installations – large or small, simple or complex. All matrixes can be controlled by means of additional control panels, its fully functional web based interface or the AUDAC Touch™ app. The RS232 port makes the matrix compatible with any home & industrial automation systems.

Stand-alone audio players

A complete range of stand-alone audio players that will inspire you. Thanks to their intuitive control and sublime sound quality these players will guaranty reliability in any fixed or mobile installation.

The large displays will give a clear view of current playing tracks or radio station information and thanks to the RS232 control port an implementation with home & industrial automation systems is made possible.